Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited [Tata Power-DDL] is a private electricity distribution company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. It is one of the three private electricity distribution licensees [DISCOMs] in Delhi, which was established after functional unbundling and corporatization of the erstwhile Delhi Vidyut Board [DVB] in terms of the statutory Delhi Electricity Reforms Act 2000 and Delhi Electricity Reforms (Transfer Scheme) Rules, 2001 with effect from 01.07.2002 and is engaged in the business distribution and supply of electricity in North and North-West areas of Delhi.

Tata Power-DDL has been issued a license by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission [DERC] to operate in its area of supply and discharge various functions under the aegis of the Electricity Act 2003, the Delhi Electricity Supply Code and Performance Standards Regulations 2007 and other rules and regulations thereunder.

Each year, Tata Power-DDL files its Annual Revenue Requirement [ARR] Petition before DERC. ARR is determined based on the expected revenue from the DISCOMs' business as well as expected outflow on account of power purchase cost, network upgradation, employee cost and other operational expenses. ARR is the projected quantum of money receivable by the DISCOM at the tariff determined by the DERC for various categories of consumers. True Up is the actual expenses of the DISCOM vis-à-vis the revenue received by it for the ARR projected for any particular year. It is done on n + 2 basis and is based on the audited accounts of the DISCOMs, where n is the Financial Year for which ARR was determined.

TATA Power-DDL is committed to fulfilling its obligations with respect to all Regulations and Compliances prescribed by various Statutory Bodies.